Boost Web3 Development: AlchemyAI Introduces AI-Powered Tools

• Alchemy, a blockchain developer platform, has released AI tools to help web3 developers
• The two products are an in-app chatbot and ChatGPT plugin to access data faster
• The tools are intended to make it easier for non-technical people to get into web3

Alchemy AI Suite Facilitates Web3 Development

Alchemy, a blockchain developer platform, recently announced the launch of its new suite of AI tools – AlchemyAI. This tool suite is designed to help web3 developers speed up product development and gain quicker access to on-chain data. It consists of two flagship products – an in-app chatbot powered by ChatGPT and a standalone ChatGPT plugin which can be accessed via OpenAI’s Plugin Marketplace.

ChatWeb3 In-App Chatbot

The first product is the in-app chatbot, ChatWeb3. It is currently in its beta phase and was trained using over 1000 Alchemy docs and other crypto resources. The goal of this tool is to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks by giving developers access to predefined code snippets, templates, and best practices with AI assistance. According to Elan Halpern, a product manager at Alchemy, developers will be able to treat ChatWeb3 like a pair programming partner who can assist with debugging errors on chain.

Alchemy Plugins

The second product is the standalone plugin for ChatGPT which allows users (developers or non-developers) to obtain real-time blockchain information through natural language using Alchemy API endpoints. Currently this plugin supports several different blockchains such as Arbitrum, Ethereum, Polygon and Optimism.

Easier Access For Non Technical People

Arjun Patel from Alchemy stated that these AI tools will make it easier for non technical people who want to enter the web3 industry by reducing the amount of time needed for development tasks and making it more user friendly overall.


Overall these new AI tools from Alchemy provide an easier way for web3 developers to access information quickly while also providing assistance during their projects with code snippets , templates ,and best practices . With this technology , more people who aren’t technically inclined can join the world of Web 3 without needing extensive experience .