Quantum-Proof Your Blockchain: BTQ Prepares for Future Security Threats

• Quantum computers threaten encryption protocols used by blockchains, putting the future of blockchain in danger.
• BTQ is a project to watch in 2023 that focuses on preparing defenses against quantum-computing threats.
• China has invested $15 billion in quantum technology and holds over half of the world’s patents for this technology.

Quantum Computing and Its Threat to Blockchains

Quantum computing poses an existential threat to current encryption methods, as it has the potential to break many of the most widely used encryption protocols. This means that banking, emails and blockchain networks could become vulnerable to malicious actors. In response, BTQ—one of CoinDesk’s Projects to Watch 2023—is preparing defenses against quantum-computing threats before they arrive.

China’s Investment in Quantum Technology

China has taken a leading role in investment into quantum computing technology, allocating $15 billion towards it with aims to be spent before 2025. This means that Chinese researchers now hold over half of the world’s patents for this technology, making them increasingly well-equipped when it comes to breaking existing encryption algorithms such as RSA and ECDSA through quantum computing power.

The Current State of Encryption Protocols

Encryption is an essential backbone of our modern connected world; it ensures secure banking transactions, protected sensitive emails and trustworthy blockchain networks where data can be stored but never edited or double-spent transactions occur. The most widely used cryptographic algorithm today is ECDSA which unfortunately has a severe weakness when exposed to a quantum attack due its pre-quantum design capabilities.

BTQ: Preparing for Tomorrow’s Threat

In light of these events occurring around us, BTQ is taking action by preparing defenses against tomorrow’s threat; they are one of CoinDesk’s Projects To Watch 2023 focusing on protecting blockchain from being compromised by malicious actors using quantum computers with advanced capabilities compared to traditional ones.


With China investing heavily into developing their own quantum computing capabilities and other nations beginning a technological arms race in order to keep up with them, it is important that developers take preemptive measures like those from BTQ so that the future of blockchain remains secure once these advanced technologies come into play in the coming years.